Event-based Outbound Calling

Customer-Focused Curriculum

Keeping in contact with your customers lets them know they are important to you and that you have their best interest in mind. People go through many changes and challenges as they live their lives. We have found a simple truth – changes in life dictate a movement of money. If we can recognize events that impact life changes, we can then identify the related financial implications. Once identified, we can help the customer be successful in navigating their lives to meet their objectives. This workshop enables your staff to accomplish this.

This relationship-enhancing workshop enables your employees to confidently use the telephone to make productive outbound calls without sounding like telemarketers. The sales opportunities identified in these calls are abundant, relationships are strengthened, and customer loyalty can be positively impacted.

This Powerfully Effective Session Will Enable Your Staff to:

  1. Potentially cross-sell or refer 30-60% more customers to product specialists based on the customers’ short and long-term needs
  2. Build the confidence of the customers in your organization to be a viable long-term services provider
  3. Identify product or service needs of the customers that otherwise could be hidden
  4. Improve your Net Promoter Score
  5. Make more calls and effectively meet outbound calling targets
  6. Grow your market segments and increase the share-of-wallet

Modules Include:

  1. Gaining the Customer’s Perspective on receiving calls from your organization
  2. Understanding the barriers to effective outbound calling
  3. Setting aside time to plan and make telephone calls in a busy environment
  4. Working with 4 Event-Based Call types
  5. Writing outbound call plans for various situations
  6. Practice making calls