Effective Negotiating

Customer – Focused Curriculum

Effective Negotiating focuses on how to build mutually beneficial and satisfying business relationships in an environment where the parties’ basic needs and desires may be in conflict.

This session presents a set of creative, “win-win” collaborative negotiating skills and techniques designed to produce workable, enduring agreements. The objective of the negotiation process employed here is resolution of conflict by reaching agreements that leave both sides receiving value in a way that encourages future business between them.

This intriguing and interactive session presents a systematic, step-by-step process to prepare the negotiator for working through specific issues and guide him or her
through the negotiation process to a fair, Win-Win agreement.

This Powerfully Effective Session Will Enable Your Staff to:

  • Develop strategy and tactics for negotiations
  • Create the elements of a negotiating agenda
  • Learn to set typical win-win negotiating ground rules
  • Apply tactical countermeasures needed in negotiating situations
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply the concepts learned through practice and feedback with peers.

“If you are unsure of yourself when you negotiate, you will send self-defeating messages to the other side. If you approach a negotiation confidently and with a desire to achieve a mutually beneficial result, you will project a positive attitude and an air of reasonableness.”

Modules Include:

  1. Key Elements of Negotiating
  2. Win-Win Negotiating
  3. Effective Negotiating Strategies
  4. Negotiating Agendas
  5. Negotiating Tactics
  6. Tactical Countermeasures
  7. Resolving Objections