Advanced Relationship Building

Customer-Focused Curriculum

People do business with people that they can relate to, people who understand their unique circumstances, and who provide the best solutions. Building solid, trusting relationships with your customers requires being able to relate to them in a way they feel valued, understood and appreciated.

This intriguing and interactive session enables your staff to connect, relate, and communicate with your customers in a manner that more effectively resonates with them – leading to enhanced results.  It facilitates positioning your sales staff as long-term, trusted advisors.

Enhancing the ability to adapt our communication style to those of a different generation is important in this regard. Also, since not everyone processes information or thinks the same way, being able to choose our words more consciously and effectively enables us to adapt our message so it resonates in a more productive way. This translates into building stronger relationships with people.

This Powerfully Effective Session Will Enable Your Staff to:

  • Adapt product and service presentations to match the customer’s preferred communication style
  • Take generational differences into consideration when working with customers
  • Identify the customer’s preferred communication style
  • Flex their individual communication styles to that of the customer
  • Demonstrate the ability to listen and reflect back to meet the preferences of the customer being served

“Relate to people and they will relate to you.”

Modules Include:

  1. Communicating with Various Generations
  2. How People Process Information
  3. Understanding 4 Basic Communication Styles
  4. Life and Business Cycle Needs
  5. Advanced Listening Skills
  6. Advanced Questioning Skills
  7. Relating and Connecting to People
  8. Building Rapport and Trust