Experience to Results

Organization Development and Alignment

There is a direct link between the experiences organizations provide their customers (both external and internal) and the Results they achieve. The need to truly understand the ‘cause and effect’ relationship between experiences and results prompted the development of the Experience to Results ModelTM. Pelmetta uses this model as a framework in helping organizations realize the next levels of performance and effectiveness in achieving their goals and desires. The Model’s four major sections, Right Results, Right Engagement, Right People, and Right Structure are described below.

Right Results

The model speaks to the old saying, “Start with the end in mind”.   The “end” is achieving the “Right Results” that lead to high degrees of true revenue growth and profitability. The ultimate objectives are Retained, Repeated and Referred business. To achieve these results, the organization must engage customers to the extent that they want to stay with you, expand their relationships with you and refer others to you, i.e., they stay, buy, and tell.

Right Engagement

“Right Results” are impacted by the next component in the model – “Right Engagement.” Critical elements of this component are having “Engaged Managers” who are responsible for developing “Engaged Employees” who in turn are responsible for delivering engaging customer experiences and thus creating “Engaged Customers.”

Right People

The key to “Right Engagement” is ensuring the organization is hiring and retaining the “Right People”. People are the hinge on which organizational success swings. The organization needs the Right People on the inside doing the right things at the right time and it needs people on the outside (your customers) to trust you and want to do more business with you.

Right Structure

The foundational component of the model is creating the “Right Structure” in which the organization’s purpose or “reason for being” is concise, effectively communicated and understood by everyone. The organization’s strategy, structure, processes and culture must be in alignment.

The core competencies for all employees (and the organization) must be clearly defined and communicated so that accountabilities are understood and embraced by everyone. Additionally, these competencies must be core to the successful execution of the most important strategic initiatives. In other words, the development needs of the individual and the organization are to be in balance.

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Getting ‘it’ right means focusing on four key areas – Right Results, Right Engagement, Right People and Right Structure.