About Us

Our Beliefs

Pelmetta’s unique strengths are founded in our beliefs. These beliefs explain our purpose and form the foundation for all we do.

  • We Believe… Consumers and businesses alike deserve to be served by qualified people who work for enlightened financial organizations.
  • We Believe… When everyone within the organization ‘signs up’ to be part of a movement to provide the exceptional caring experience to those they serve, then sustainable financial results will be achieved.
  • We Believe… It is engaged and aligned managers with a sense of purpose who have the greatest influence to engage employees and help them be successful.
  • We Believe… It is engaged employees who skillfully and credibly serve their customers, that enable those customers to be successful.

It is these beliefs that empower us to provide and deliver our solutions.
What We Do

The Business We Are In

Pelmetta is a people and culture transformation company that enables your organization to enhance its ability to create lasting customer relationships through engaging experiences. We help you engage the hearts and minds of your leadership and employees so they can live the purpose, vision, and mission of the organization.

We focus on assisting your executives and their teams to better align your organization around strategic priorities and to optimize performance at a team and individual level.


Tailored Approach

We specialize in working with financial institutions. Ours is not a “cookie cutter” approach. Our solutions are tailored to the individual needs, circumstances and strategies of the organizations with whom we work.

Strategic Approach

Our approach is a strategic one and a journey. For example, we work with you to align any employee development activities directly to the outcomes you expect. If needed, we will work with you to align internal functions and processes to support your overall strategy.

Sustainable Solutions

Pelmetta focuses on long-term sustainable solutions. We understand that in an environment where financial results are critical to the success of the financial institutions we serve, the execution of strategic and people-oriented initiatives are the best ways to build solid results.