The Great Internal Customer Experience

Organization Development Curriculum

Creating the great external customer experience is directly dependent upon your employees creating the great internal customer experience. This is accomplished when all employees and departments work together internally with one core objective… being aligned in helping each other service the customer base. The powerful and compelling approach presented in this workshop will help your organization make each internal contact as effective as possible.

One key goal is to make sure everyone who works in a support area clearly understands the importance of the role they play in creating internal and external service excellence as well as the overall success of the organization.

This internally-focused workshop enables your support staff to position themselves as advisors and solution providers to those they serve internally. Creating a unified, focused workforce is a key outcome of this workshop.

Outcomes of This Powerfully Effective Session:

  1. The Internal Net Promoter Scores will increase
  2. Customer satisfaction will increase due to the improved cooperation between departments
  3. Support departments will be better aligned with the entire organization
  4. Process improvements will add to the organization’s overall efficiency
  5. Staff will feel that everyone is working on one team to accomplish the overall objective of the organization

A united culture of service to others will permeate.

Modules Include:

  1. How the organization gets results
  2. How customer satisfaction impacts results
  3. Which is more important – Selling or Delivering?
  4. But I Don’t Have Customers
  5. Who are our customers?
  6. Understanding your customers’ expectations
  7. Measuring Your Success
  8. The Decision Making Process
  9. The 5-step Professional Service Model