Sales Performance Optimization

Manager Development Curriculum

A powerful sales performance strategy includes three major components – Sales Management, Sales Coaching, and Sales Training. When the vital behaviors for each of these three components are executed, the right results will be achieved. What gets measured and coached gets done. The amount of time it takes for individuals and teams to become proficient in applying new behaviors can be shortened significantly when reinforcement and feedback are provided in real time. Building on the previously attended The Heart of Coaching Workshop, this practical session applies the Transformational Coaching RoadmapTM and the accompanying Results CycleTM as the basis for improving sales performance quickly. Having helpful, genuine, and behavior-based conversations is the key.

This 1-day workshop enables your managers to apply performance enhancing coaching skills specifically to sales. Managers learn how to translate real-time goals and measures into real-time behaviors and sales results.

This Powerfully Effective Session Will Enable Your Managers to:

  1. Execute the vital behaviors for three different management roles
  2. Use real-time goals and measures as the basis for having quality performance conversations
  3. Engage in Daily, Weekly, and Monthly activities that are vital to success
  4. Use a simple 4 step coaching conversation model
  5. Provide quality, applicable, behavioral feedback to lift the performance of their direct reports
  6. Incorporate an extremely simple Manager Effectiveness measure to monitor their success
  7. Improve sales results to meet their budgets

What gets measured and coached gets done!

Modules Include:

  1. Sales Management Focus by Role
  2. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Vital Behaviors
  3. Real World Coaching Challenges
  4. Translating Metrics into the Right Behaviors.
  5. Planning Powerful Conversations
  6. Utilizing the Results CycleTM
  7. Utilizing the Transformational Coaching RoadmapTM
  8. Personal Development Planning
  9. The Value of Daily Huddles
  10. Working with Your Employees