Creating Customer Success – Tellers

Customer/Member – Focused Curriculum

Helping those you serve to be successful directly contributes to your success and overall growth. In other words, to be viewed as the ‘provider of choice’ for your solutions, you must provide them good reason to do so. Tellers play an integral part in making this happen. When Tellers demonstrate genuine interest in those they serve through informal conversations, they learn various ways about how to best provide the more appropriate product or service. All tellers need to do is make a referral to the right specialist within the organization.

This referral-generating, relationship-focused workshop enables your tellers to refer or direct individuals to the appropriate product specialist.

This Powerfully Effective Session Will Enable Your Staff to:

  1. Increase the number of referrals per interaction based on the real needs
  2. Potentially cross-sell or refer 30-60% more individuals to product specialists based on their short and long-term needs
  3. Build the confidence in those served in your organization to be a viable long-term services provider
  4. Improve your Net Promoter Score
  5. Create more effective sales teams
  6. Grow your market segments and increase the share-of-wallet

Modules Include:

  1. The 4 P’s of the Great Experience
  2. Understanding the Consumer’s Buying Process
  3. Identifying Consumer’s Criteria When Making Buying Decisions
  4. Executing the 6-step Professional Selling Model
  5. Having productive casual conversations to identify financial solution opportunities
  6. Handling Objections and Concerns