Creating Customer Success – Consumer

Customer – Focused Curriculum

One key factor that contributes to your success and overall growth is your ability to help your customers be successful. In other words, to be viewed by your customers as the provider of choice for your solutions, you must provide them good reason to do so. That reason – help them be successful in overcoming various challenges they face while they work to achieve their short and long-term objectives.

This relationship-focused session enables your front-line staff to position themselves as trusted advisors and solution providers. At the same time, the staff creates great customer experiences that translate into deeper customer loyalty and results.

This Powerfully Effective Session Will Enable Your Staff to:

  1. Increase the number of sales per customer interaction by meeting more of the customer’s needs
  2. Cross-sell, on average, 1-3 more products and services per interaction based on the customer’s short and long-term needs
  3. Build customer confidence in your organization as a consistent, effective, long-term services provider
  4. Improve your Net Promoter Score
  5. Become more effective sales teams
  6. Grow your consumer segment

Modules Include:

  1. The 4 P’s of the Customer Experience
  2. Understanding the Customer’s Buying Process
  3. Identifying Customers’ Criteria When Making Buying Decisions
  4. Executing the 6-step Professional Selling Model
  5. Differentiating Yourself From the Competition – Corporately And Individually
  6. Identifying Specific Needs of Your Various Customer Segments
  7. Working with the Value Equation
  8. Selling Based on Value not Price
  9. Handling Objections and Concerns