Account Analysis and Planning

Customer-Focused Curriculum

Account Analysis and Planning provides a unique opportunity to analyze key clients and develop new approaches to meet their ever-changing needs. It enhances skills for systematically analyzing the local marketplace and your key clients, and techniques for systematically expanding those relationships.

There are numerous opportunities for peers to discuss sales issues and challenges impacting key clients. Interactive modules include brainstorming sessions to develop solutions to client problems and to enhance strategies for helping clients achieve their objectives.

This highly interactive session is designed for account executives responsible for building and expanding relationships with key clients.

This Powerfully Effective Session Will Enable Your Experienced Calling Officers to:

  • Proactively work to better understand the key client’s or potential client’s business and the financial solutions associated with it
  • Become a trusted and valued advisor in key relationships because of the value added by the organization and the team working with the client
  • Add significant value to relationships by identifying a client’s needs and challenges, even before the client is fully aware of them in some cases
  • Develop effective, profitable strategies and relationship processes to guide participants through their biggest competitive challenges
  • Execute consistent and effective follow up to maintain and expand key relationships

“If you are not taking care of your key clients,your competitors will.”

Modules Include:

  1. Step-By-Step Client Analysis
  2. Developing a Relationship Strategy
  3. Creating a Resource Plan
  4. Implementing Client Strategies
  5. Effective Follow Up