Cusource Professional Development and Education, a division of the Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA), works with credit unions to build the knowledge and leadership capacity of board directors, executives and employees. We know that sustained competitive advantage comes from a balance of knowledge, resilience, innovation and honed skills.  Through strong collaborative partnerships with respected companies such as Pelmetta Performance Solutions, the Cusource team offers credit unions the resources they need to achieve their strategic objectives.

This proud partnership with Pelmetta gives credit unions across Canada access to its exclusive people and culture transformation process. Through it, boards and executives can enable their entire organization to live their unique credit union purpose, vision, and mission.

To find out how your credit union can take advantage of the Pelmetta process, contact Doug Mellor at

Align FSC

Align Financial Services Consultants

Align is a uniquely qualified financial services consulting firm that specializes in leveling the competitive playing field for community banks and credit unions versus the big players — and the disruptive players.

All institutions say they focus on customer service. Community banks and credit unions deliver it best. But often they’re missing the information, tools and expertise necessary to profitably grow their customer relationships, to align and productively apply their resources and to stay competitive in the face of rapidly changing market conditions.

Align brings the expertise and solutions our clients never thought they could afford. By giving them access to data and equipping them with the right tools and expertise at the right time we enable them to go “head-to-head” with all of the players in their markets. This “just-in-time” approach is what makes it affordable.

Crane Consulting

Crane Consulting

Pelmetta Performance Solutions, Inc. has partnered with Thomas G. Crane, author of the highly successful book, The Heart of Coaching and founder of CRANE CONSULTING. This alliance connects two synergistic companies who will now offer their clients even more tools and resources when it comes to sustaining high performance and executing their strategies.

BUILDING A FEEDBACK RICH CULTURE THROUGH COACHING: As a Heart of Coaching client, Val Harding, PhD and Executive Director at Pfizer Global explains, “The Heart of Coaching shows organizations how to tap the power, ideas, and wisdom of their people to deliver high performance results. Tom’s authentic and practical application to coaching (up, down, and across) creates invaluable benefits to those following this coaching methodology.”

About Thomas G. Crane and Crane Consulting
Tom is an author, consultant, and speaker who specializes in working with leaders and their teams to build “feedback rich” cultures that create and sustain true high performance. Pelmetta and Crane Consulting work together to help our clients in transforming their cultures for high performance.

Infinity Consultant Group

Infinity Consultant Group

Infinity Consultant Group is a character-driven firm that delivers custom, integrated, proven solutions to cost-effectively drive business performance.
Areas they target include:

  • Business Assessment And Analysis
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Human Capital Solutions
  • Process & Performance Improvement

Infinity takes a holistic approach to their projects, based on a thorough assessment and analysis of the current state of your organization. Because they understand that the whole and the parts are interdependent, solutions are designed to reflect that reality
Pelmetta and Infinity work together with you as needed, to sustain solutions and success–independent of their intervention—and continue to thrive into the future.


SMARTS, a sales and marketing management tracking system, was created solely for community banks and credit unions. It is a powerful tool for improving sales results and its data assists employees in growing business and deepening relationships with current customers. Management has continuous information for monitoring sales strategies and results.

The SMARTS sales management and tracking software is easy for employees to use while it helps management maximize referrals and broaden the customer base. Using SMARTS enables the organization’s leadership team to better manage sales activities by helping them recognize strengths and weaknesses, and make the necessary changes.

SMARTS software is part of a total sales system that gives financial organizations the tools to compete more effectively. SMARTS is a professional sales and marketing tracking system that is built on the principal of customer service, understands the needs of financial institutions, and helps management and employees exceed their own expectations.

Contact Tim Sulzman at Pelmetta regarding how your organization can take advantage of the SMARTS sales management and tracking solution.
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