• "I wish our employees gave their best every single day..."

    We've Got That Covered.Here's How
  • "I wish our managers were leaders..."

    We've Got That Covered.Here's How
  • "I wish a feedback-rich environment existed within our organization..."

    We've Got That Covered.Here's How
  • "I wish our employees knew the organization’s priorities...and acted with a sense of urgency..."

    We've Got That Covered.Here's How
  • "I wish everyone was accountable to themselves first and then to others..."

    We've Got That Covered.Here's How
  • "I wish our customers would actively promote us..."

    We've Got That Covered.Here's How

 Leaders in Performance

About Us

We are in the culture and people transformation business to help companies engage the hearts and minds of their leaders and employees – both individually and as a team.

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Experience to Results

Getting ‘it’ right means focusing on four key areas – Right Results, Right Engagement, Right People and Right Structure.

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Pelmetta offers a unique combination of individual yet interrelated areas of focus, each of which impacts the performance of your organization’s staff and management.

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"The most surprising successes we have seen in our organization is in our back office environment. We have seen a dramatic shift in their attitude, their motivation, and their willingness to help. It used to be when their phone rang and they saw it was the front office asking for something, they really considered it an interruption to their day. Now they understand it is their job to serve those people and they are eager and ready to help." - Michigan bank


Imagine the Possibilities When…

  • You Provide Meaning and Purpose
  • Everyone Knows Their Role
  • Your People Come First
  • Your Staff is Engaged
  • You Clearly Communicate the Strategy

Together, We Will…

  • Develop the cultural transformation strategy
  • Identify and focus on areas of performance needing additional attention while building on previous successes
  • Co-create a long-term vision, roadmap, building blocks, and check-points.
  • Bring it to life.
  • Design a timeline to make it a reality.

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